Our Process

An investment adviser who invests in you.

At Insight Financial Services, we believe investing is a process, not a product. 

That’s why you won’t receive a list of portfolio options at our first meeting or see a web page that outlines our products. We don’t pull your investment strategy from a template. We work from your needs and toward your goals.

From our first discovery meeting, through each fiscal checkup and beyond, we work with you to build and shape a personalized financial strategy that fits who you are—whether you’re nurturing a nest egg, saving for a second home, or setting aside money for your children’s or grandchildren’s education

We are committed to your financial care.

Before we help you invest your money, we invest in you.

Our team works with you to evaluate your financial health and build your wealth.

Whether it’s your first meeting, you’re shopping around, or you’re already in a financial relationship, we help you learn what you should be asking your financial adviser.

Discovery Interview

An investment strategy centered on you.

Your short-term goals and long-term dreams live in a world of taxes and shifting markets.

At Insight Financial Services, we tailor your investment strategy to fit your needs, meet your goals, and grow alongside the realities of your assets, spending, risk tolerance, and timeline.

At our discovery meeting, we gather all the necessary financial information to build a customized investment strategy that is right for you.

Together, we will:

  • define your objectives
  • establish your risk tolerance, which we re-evaluate at least every 3 years
  • establish short, intermediate, and long-term goals
  • collect financial statements: IRA, trusts, 401(k)s, pensions, etc.
  • evaluate your existing estate plan: wills and trusts, custody of children, powers of attorney, etc.
  • present you with your data collection kit

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Analyze Data

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Proposal & Action Plan

You don’t invest in a vacuum. And we don’t pull solutions out of a box.

Before we put any plan into action, we discuss what you want your money to become and we get a snapshot of your financial situation.

Only then—when we understand your needs and have insight into your goals—do we map your investment and diversification strategy.

At your investment proposal meeting, we will:

  • help you create a vision for your financial roadmap
  • present your Asset Allocation Plan and recommend specific investments for your investment plan
  • recommend an estate plan course of action
  • review your life insurance needs, including disability and long-term care and umbrella coverage

Is your advisor working toward your goals? Find out. Schedule an S.O.S. Review

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Your team works with you to launch your financial plan.

We work with you to put your plan into motion, making sure that you understand our role and your responsibility to your financial plan.

As we move toward your goals, we are also always mindful that any strategy needs room to adapt to changes in the market and in your financial situation.

As we implement your plan, we:

  • provide tax counsel information, as needed
  • provide legal counsel information as needed
  • open investment accounts
  • transfer assets for management
  • title or re-title assets, as necessary
  • rebalance existing investments to match your strategy

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120 Day Review

Communication is critical to the success of your investments.

After 120 days, we meet with you face-to-face to discuss the progress of your investment plan and to make sure your questions are answered and your expectations are met.

At this four-month review, we:

  • review your investments and allocation
  • make adjustments as necessary
  • confirm cost basis, gains, and losses for tax reporting
  • make sure you understand your financial statements
  • verify title transfer of trust assets, as needed
  • re-establish balance sheets
  • set a baseline for the future

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Monitor & Rebalance

You deserve a personalized financial plan that adapts to your goals.

The market changes. The tax code changes. Your financial situation changes.

Building a financial plan and never reviewing it is like setting the cruise control in your car and forgetting about the steering wheel.

At Insight Financial Services, your team of financial advisers works with you to keep you on the right path toward your goal, even as your goals, finances, and economic circumstances shift.

We monitor and rebalance your investment plan to reflect:

  • Manager Changes
  • The Trueness of Asset Classes - Correlation Coefficient - R2
  • Expense Ratios and Internal Expenses
  • Value of Portfolio
  • Tax Efficiency
  • Weighted Portfolio Allocation
  • Cost Basis

Is your advisor working toward your goals? Find out. Schedule an S.O.S. Review

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